Cognition, Emotion, and Learning

I am a research fellow at the Centre for Mathematical Cognition at Loughborough University. My research examines the links between cognition, emotion, and learning in children and adults.

New paper: Detecting Academic Misconduct Using Learning Analytics

A new paper is out (I’m a bit late with this post) looking at typing patterns during writing and transcription tasks. The paper, published in the Journal of Learning Analytics, uses both keystroke logging and clickstream data to analyses typing patterns. We compare typing across three conditions: free writing of […]

Guide for PhDs now available

I wrote a book aimed to helping PhD students to navigate their PhDs. It is very brief, aiming to help students think about how to get through different aspects of the PhD and prepare for a research career. Given students often have limited income, I’ve made the book available for […]

lVMM on Algebraic Anxiety

I’m delighted that my paper “Patterns of anxiety in algebraic problem solving: A three-step latent variable analysis” has been accepted for publication in Learning and Individual Differences. The article is part of a special issue on the use of Latent Variable Mixture Models in learning research. Co-authored with Bob Reeve, […]

Paper at ASCILTE 2017: A learning analytics view of students’ use of self-regulation strategies for essay writing

This paper, written with Paula de Barba, Gregor Kennedy and the CADMUS team integrated educational technology with self-regulating learning theory to examine patterns of essay-writing. Cadmus provides a unique way to use learning analytics to examine students essay writing processes, in real assessment contexts. This is the first study from […]

Accepted: Paper on Tools for Characterizing Individual Differences in Learning

  My paper on Informative Tools for Characterizing Individual Differences in Learning, has just been accepted for publication in the journal Learning and Individual Differences. I co-wrote the paper with Marian Hickendorff (lead author), Jake McMullan, Michael Schneider, and Peter Edelsbrunner. The paper is intended for learning and development researchers, […]

New ECR awards at Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

Throughout 2017 I have been the head of the ECR committee at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences. One of the initiatives we proposed, an award scheme for ECRs, has been supported by the school, and applications are now open. The School is initiating four annual awards for early career […]

Perspectives on academic careers by ECRs

Hanne Watkins, a post doctoral research fellow at The University of Pennsylvania, hosts a blog for ECRs. Each week features a different contributor, describing their perspective and experiences on developing an academic career. Some interesting and useful reads.

npj Science of Learning community: Emotions in classrooms

A collaborative opinion article from three Early Career Researchers on the need to understand how emotions affect learning has been published on the npj Science of Learning community site. I worked with Amanda Bourgeois (The University of Queensland) and Camilla Luck (Curtin University), to create an agenda to examine how […]