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I wrote this book because people keep having the same issues with their PhD and academia in general. And then those people kept coming to me for advice. I got sick of repeating myself, so I wrote this shit down instead.

Stop asking me questions*



It was initially written as a book, and then I realised students don't have money and publishers do, so I just made it free on this site that I already pay for. This is not a blog. I don't know if I will update this in the future. There are blogs available on this type of thing if you want to foster more of a community.



Why should you believe anything in this book?

Well, I don’t really know, but here are some things I have done that contribute to the advice in this book:


PhD from University of Melbourne, in Psychological Science

Postdocs at University of Chicago, and University of Melbourne

Nomination for the Chancellor's Prize for Excellence in the PhD Thesis, University of Melbourne

Journal articles. Mostly first author. A large number of conferences in Australia, Europe, and North America. And a thesis with publications and a giant literature review

Founder and coordinator, Graduate Researchers in Psychological Sciences (GRIPS) committee, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences. (Basically, this helped to develop a network between the PhD students, and help develop their research skills)

Co-founder and Chair, Early Career Researcher Executive at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences. (Basically, this helped to develop a network between the postdocs, and develop programs and schemes to help develop their research career)

Working with an excellent team of researchers, including Robert Reeve (PhD supervisor), Gregor Kennedy (postdoc adviser who is also a Pro-Vice Chancellor), Lindsey Richland (another postdoc adviser), Drs Sarah Gray, Jacob Paul, Paula de Barba and an obnoxiously long list of others.

Consumed coffee and wine




No, I can’t give you back the time you wasted reading this. That’s on you.






*These were not dumb questions. They are important questions. You should probably ask them

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