Kelly Trezise

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Learning Lab, at the Department of Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago. 

My research interests involve examining the interactions between cognition and emotion and their functional implications. In particular, I am interested in understanding these interactions in learning and educational contexts.  I examine individual differences in learning, cognition and anxiety using a variety of analytical methods, including finite mixture models. 

I completed my PhD and a postdoctoral fellowship at in the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences .  In 2017, I was also a research fellow in the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

Current projects

Drawing Connections to Close Achievement Gaps in Mathematics

Working with Lindsey Richland, on this Institute of Education Sciences funded project

Mathematics anxiety

Identifying patterns of math anxiety during mathematical problem solving.

This work continues from my PhD work investigating how anxiety and working memory interact within a class period to affect mathematical problem solving.  

Patterns of math skill acquisition

Characterising general and mathematical cognitive development, particularly in the context of arithmetic and algebra.

Anxiety-Cognition interactions
Exploring writing patterns in essay creation   
Emotion and cognition interactions during learning in digital environments


Professor Robert Reeve

Associate Professor Lindsey Richland

Professor Gregor Kennedy

Paula de Barba

Jacob Paul

Incredible research team

I work with this group everyday. If any/all of them apply for PhD program with you, snap them up!

Ashley Murphy

Michelle Bueno

Ruohan Xia

Maya Joyce