Guide for PhDs now available

I wrote a book aimed to helping PhD students to navigate their PhDs. It is very brief, aiming to help students think about how to get through different aspects of the PhD and prepare for a research career.

Given students often have limited income, I've made the book available for free (link)


The book covers:

  • Getting off to a strong start
  • An overview of the research process
  • Academic pathways
  • How to make the most of academic environments
  • Navigating research and inter-personal difficulties, including sexual harassment.
  • Imposter syndrome and maintaining balance
  • Troubleshooting when you are stuck


I wrote this book because the former lab manager the University of Chicago Learning Lab is leaving to begin her PhD and I wanted to share some advice with her. I then realised many students I've interacted with share a similar set of difficulties. So this became a book. Given it was originally written for a friend, the book is very informal and not a typical academic read.

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