New ECR awards at Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

Throughout 2017 I have been the head of the ECR committee at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences. One of the initiatives we proposed, an award scheme for ECRs, has been supported by the school, and applications are now open.

The School is initiating four annual awards for early career researchers. These awards will recognize the best articles published in the calendar year by researchers in four broad areas: cognitive and mathematical psychology; cognitive and behavioural neuroscience; social and personality psychology; and clinical science. Early career researchers who identify with other areas or subdisciplines can apply in the area that best fits the nominated work and will not be disadvantaged.

These awards acknowledge the contributions of four distinguished members and friends of the School:

  • The Pip Pattison Early Career Research Award in cognitive and mathematical psychology
  • The John Trinder Early Career Research Award in cognitive and behavioural neuroscience
  • The Leon Mann Early Career Research Award in social and personality psychology
  • The Margot Prior Early Career Research Award in clinical science

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